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Spirit Week: Films of Faith & Transcendence

Spiritual awakening comes in many shapes and forms, and it is not the preserve of any particular religion. This week, VIFF Vancity Theatre explores how the human experience touches transcendence in ways large and small, through religious faith (Sacred), through heightened states of perception (Icaros: A Vision), through sublime works of art (Following the Ninth), through silence (In Pursuit of Silence) and contemplation (Notes on Blindness; Shadows of Paradise). Finally, in Obit, we consider what it is that makes a life remarkable in retrospect, as seen through the eyes of the obituary writers at the New York Times.
Join us for a free panel discussion of the themes suggested by these films on Friday 28th between the screenings of Sacred and Icaros: A Vision. Panelists to include Rev Gary Paterson, lead minister at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, Kerry Candaele filmmaker (Following the Ninth) and author, Michael Harris, author of Solitude and The End of Absence (for which he received the Governor General’s Literary Award), Rev. Karin Wilson, Spiritual Director and Founder of the Centre for Spiritual Living, and more to be announced. Moderator: Linda Christensen, MA, MTS, PhD on Faculty in the Dept. of Philosophy, Douglas College, teaching in comparative religion.
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