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The Art of Film: Technique and Talent

Adult Education Class with film critic Rick Staehling

M/A/D | The Art of Film

Movies are magical: They are seductive blends of art and entertainment that transport us to imaginary worlds. But behind this magic is a complex combination of moving parts—the elements of filmmaking—that are assembled by a creative and collaborative crew. Using production stills and film clips this tightly focused but freewheeling five-part series of lectures will investigate important aspects of the art of film and celebrate the talent and technique of moviemakers.

Week 1, March 13: Acting, Movie Stars and Fame

Learn how actors have developed distinct characters and styles for the big-screen and what makes a supporting actor, star and superstar. 

Week 2, March 20: Cinematography and The Visual Design of a Film

See how cinematographers use lighting, camera angles and camera movement to affect story-telling and the way a film works emotionally.

Week 3, March 27: Editing and The Shape of a Film

Explore how an editor uses the selection and order of shots to convey time, movement and meaning in a film while acknowledging the artistic contibutions of others.

Week 4, April 3: Music and The Emotional Connection 

Follow the dramatic evolution of motion picture scores, soundtracks and songs and hear how composers charge a film with feeling. 

Week 5, April 10: Directing and The Auteur Theory

Discover what directors do—from development to distribution— and why their personal style and vision sometimes makes them the “author” of their films.

About Rick Staehling:

For more than three decades, Rick Staehling was the go-to film critic for CBC Radio listeners in Vancouver, broadcasting a must-hear live review every Friday afternoon to the province of British Columbia and the Yukon. A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, he has worked as an associate producer in Hollywood, designed posters for feature films, and written extensively about movies for Rolling Stone, Vancouver Magazine and numerous Time Inc. publications. He has also taught film and communications at Capilano University, Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the University of British Columbia. Staehling remains deeply immersed in film and film culture, as a special interest lecturer for Compass Speakers and a Member Emeritus of the Vancouver Film Critics Circle.


Running Time: 65 mins
Featuring: Rick Staehling


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