Mother's Day Movie: Duty Free


At 75, the last thing Rebecca Regis wants is to retire. She has worked all her life, more than half of it as executive housekeeper at the Boston hotel which is also her home. When new management fires her, she is given a year to find a new place to live and she has $600 in her bank account. Alarmed as Rebecca spirals into depression, her son, journalist Sian-Pierre Regis, hits on an inspired idea. He asks her to compile a bucket list. And then he takes the idea to kickstarter to fund a documentary about their adventures, from milking a cow to reconnecting with lost loved ones, to skydiving over Hawaii. This is that movie.

An irresistible demonstration of filial love, Duty Free is emotionally direct and then some. But - without giving away too many of its secrets - it also offers plenty of food for thought about our commitment to work (and what work places might plausibly owe us in return), about different generational attitudes towards employment and family, and those things that add up to a life well spent over the long haul. Granted, milking a cow may not be an essential experience for everyone, but if these past months have taught up anything it’s surely to treasure the simple human connections we foster with friends and family. The good news is, it’s never too late.

"Warm, personal, beautifully structured and socially relevant." Caryn James, Hollywood Reporter

Mother’s Day Special

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Director Icon Director
Sian-Pierre Regis
Producer Meredith Chin
Cinematographer Joey Dwyer
Editor Mitra Bonshahi
USA 2020 73 min. 19+ Trailer | Official Website

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